Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yea, it's a rainy day! Hoping we get more than a  1/8" which is what we had last week while the rest of the valley had sheets of rain. Am done with the census, sigh. It was $, definitely, but I find I am unable to focus on too many things at once. So with the taking care of the lovebirds, the house, and the census, I haven't been able to do much in the clay :( In fact, nothing.

I was able to get the photo taking thing nailed down, so that was a huge accomplishment for me. I find I now have a scratch on my camera lens, which really stinks, but am trying to work around it. Am planning to do a post to help others take better photos, well, to offer what I've done lol Am far from an expert but maybe it will help someone. It will be a couple of weeks in the coming though.

But the census is done now and I can focus, which is good because the Dog Days of Summer is coming up in 2 weeks in Downtown Mesa. It's their biggest night of the year, for some reason folks will come out in the heat to bring their dogs out when they wouldn't otherwise? My dog would never crack it, he'd be overheated :( So he'll be at home, but I'll be there, hopefully with some new things!

Had an idea at the last 2nd Friday Night Out in Mesa for a series of bizarre pendants and was playing around with glass gems yesterday to make part of it. Pulled out my 3 color set of alcohol inks for the first time and I am in love. Thankyou to all those before me that have already tried all these things :) So here's a sampling of my new experiements. In the future I want to get some of Lisa Pavelka's UV curing gloss to use instead of the glass gems, but I think these turned out pretty cool. Of course now I need MORE colors of ink!

I awoke this morning to find Tonja Lenderman Of Tonja's Treasure's had featured me on her Blog! This is very exciting for me as I have been following this blog for a bit now and feel quite honored by this. For those of you that have followed her blog, you are missing out, she is always featuring new and exciting tools, supplies, and artists. I know I have much to learn and she helps! In addition to being a talented polymer clay artist she is also a great source for tutorials. Her work and tutorials can all be found in her Shop And don't forget to check her out on Facebook!

Planning a big clayday today...hopefully. Tomorrow I am thinking I'll be picking up some baby lovebirds from a friend who has to move and cannot take them all :( Speaking of which, I need to go take care of my own! Have a great day everyone and pray fro rain for me!


  1. Lynn your pendants look fantastic! I love the purple 'eye' in the center!

  2. Thanks Deborah :) I have something new planned for eyeballs...hope they turns out as cool as they are in my head, sometimes that works out...sometimes not lol