Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I Learned Last Week?

It's all about the photos, it's all about the photos, it's all about the photos. Sigh. Give me  a big yellout if you're on Etsy and still working on getting those fantastic pics that really get you noticed. I thought I was taking nice pics, I wasn't. This has never been my area of any amount of expertise. I just sprouted a yellow orchid vine seed, something supposedly difficult to do, but I can't take good pics, sigh.

I think I've got it now though. No, really, I think so. I made some backgrounds to use instead of the denim I was trying, I had some feedback that it did not look very professional, and from that point of view, I'd have to agree, it did not. I was trying to brand myself and the denim was part of that.

So I have my backgrounds and am taking better pics, I think....waiting on my battery to recharge, argh!

Have been working the census so no new things to show off, I wish I did. It's hard to even think about being creative when you're so busy though. It won't last for too long though.

We are babysitting my step son's dog for 2 weeks while he's off playing Army for 2 weeks. it took a couple of days for the 2 dogs to settle in, but they're both pooped already and we're only a couple days in :o) I almost had to tell my step son that I killed his dog after he went after my cat 2 nights ago, that wouldn't have gone over so great, luckily Peso is fine and so is the dog.

What did I learn besides some photography stuff? I dunno, I feel really scattered right now. I apparently learned how to sprout yellow orchid vine seeds lol Um, yeah, not thinking of anything else. That's been my existence for the last week. Daily chores, pool time (AZ in summer, it's a must),  and census. Goal this week, photos! Then edit my Etsy shop, that is not going to be fun.

The photo is from a group of pics I took last week, some were good, some were bad, this one's Ok I think?

Have a great week!


  1. I just went and looked, I don't know what is wrong with your photos they look fine to me. Some are a bit blurry when I double click on them but they seem to be showing many angles of each item. Ha, maybe that is why I could never make a sale on Etsy! Maybe my photos were so bad and I only thought they were pretty good. Who knows.

  2. lol Thanks Jan :) That's where I have been! I had been doing a dark background though, largely because my items are mostly dark and hard to see clearly on a lighter background. But I can see a difference in the photos I am taking now.

    Once I edit the Etsy shop I'll do a new round of promoting and see if it helps :) Keep your fingers crossed!