Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where did the summer go?

So, super long time, no blog. I think if someone had the gumption I could easily be diagnosed as having ADD. Time management is not my thing and it takes a great deal of focus for me to get anything done these days! And, oh, if it isn't on the 'list' may or may not get attention. I have cleared some things from my plate, though. When I have large tasks on my plate, that really will stall anything getting done, I guess I feel overwhelmed. And clearing some thigns from the plate will always 'free' me to do things I want! Which is play in the clay these days :)

I did manage to make some new things, you may have seen them in my Etsy shop or on flickr, but here are some favorites :) I've made a few dragon's eye's now....and sold a few, too, which rocks! And have made quite a few dragonflies...and sold a few of those, too. Looking at the pics, most of these are sold so that rocks :)
So I need to get to work and make some more super cool things. Need to stay focused and really churn some work out. There is a well advertised street fair (Macfest) every Saturday from fall to spring in downtown Mesa that I hope to sell at....that I hope to sell a lot at lol I've stopped doing the 'free' one that was one friday a month after realizing the city wasn't really advertising the craft vendors, hence the free. People didn't even realize we were there most of the time and were not showing up wanting to shop! I did so well my first time there, fluke I guess. I think this starts in 2 weeks and I need new things!

Another place I'm planning to sell at, and this is a place others of you just starting out might want to check into, is at Cubit' was created by Dave Whittinger, the founder of Dave's Garden, this is his new project that he started last winter after leaving Dave's Garden for good. To quote, it's a "Universe of Communities." It's completely free to come in and start up your own community. You can have forums, pages for info, publish articles, make databases, lots of other things, but Dave is currently working on a store module for use in the cubits and hopes to have it up and running by the end of the month. Like any shopping site there will be a fee, Dave has said what he thinks that will be but I won't post that info until the policy is written and made public.

So with that in mind I created a new cubit just for me to have a storefront there, Desert Rubble. And am beta testing the storefront features as they come along...I only have one item there now ;P I'll have to have unique stock for this store which means I REALLY need to get busy! But I have created a database, so if anyone wants a new place to put links to their blogs or shops please drop by and do so. You will have to join Cubits and my cubit...super easy, I swear, there's a 'join this cubit' button in the lower right hand side of the page on my cubit, it'll take you where you need to go and bring you right back. Once back, you'll see a 'Database' link on the right side, go there and click 'add new entry'. Here's the link to the database if you don't see it :)

So, I have the aviary clean, bird toys made, yard trimmed and weeded, it's already time to weed and trim yet again :( sigh, But I need to make some nice table covers (not my forte) and make new things to sell. At least the birds are taken care of, it's breeding season and little ones will be hatching soon! Am still planning an article on taking pics....maybe this week, we'll see. Anyways, it was good to pop in and say something :o) Thanks for visiting!

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