Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Summertime!

"In the summertime, when the weather is high,
You can stretch right up and touch the sky"
 In The Summertime lyrics by Mungo Jerry

Normally it would have been summertime for me here at least a month but our May has been really mild, which rocks. We're all hoping it summer will be nice, too. We usually have the drapes pulled in the living room... it faces west, so we do it to keep the sun and heat out. But I opened them the other day to take some pics of my baby lovebirds playing and, wow! it was nice to have some light in the house. Am realizing now that I've not been getting enough natural light, which is weird considering I'm in Mesa AZ, right? But the light was nice and the weather's been great. Am remembering how awesome a time summer is.

It's the time of bright colors and fresh air and rocking loud music =) A time to feel foot loose and fancy free, right? Well, that's what it means to me. So here are a coupld of things from my fellow Polymer Clay Smooshers shops that remind me of summertime!

From HarrisonHollowDesigns, an adorable, bright, and cheery butterfly plant poke, you can find a whole slew of these in this wonderful shop, all different!
Purple Ikat Butterfly Garden or House Plant Stake AF1001

From Lifeartdesigns a dainty red, pink, and white heart necklace, perfect to wear with your favorite summertime dress!
Handsculpted Polymer Clay Heart Necklace

From popnicute an adorable coral colored necklace, I love this!
Hot Pink Red Heart Pendant Necklace Polymer Clay Valentine Special


From averilpam, you all know how I love my mica powders, yes? And purple? So who doesn't love this combination?
Polymer Clay Brooch, Round Purple and Mauve
A quick note about my new website, DesertRubble.com! I've been working on figuring out wordpress for my website and I've got something going, there will be lots more to come including a gallery and a store, but baby steps =) I'll be splitting my blogging efforts now between her and there, all my new work will be getting posted there but they will also be getting posted to my facebook, and if I have time here, too. But you can follow the new blog by subscribing to the RSS feed, following on networked blogs, or by following in facebook.

Have a fantastic summer!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hey, I won something!!

In the monthly drawing at Rings & Things! Check out my goodies! I know those beads are going to be great in earrings and I'll have to make some pendants to match , too. If you're not a Rings & Things Blog Partner, Here's how to become one . As a blog partner, you get the chance to win a package of goodies and then you can review them on their website, each review gets you a chance to win $50.

I think they're even in town today...gotta see if I can get over a check out what they have!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Color is what you make of it!

I love fall! Growing up in Indiana, that time of year was special for me. Most people adored going to Nashville in Brown County (where my high school was) to see the leaves change color. What I loved was the leaves falling to the ground, when there would be a crispness and a cleanness to the air and it was time for turtlenecks and flannel shirts. Denizens of the woods were ready for winter and everything was calm and quiet and still, you could even hear the leaves falling. 

And I do love the colors of fall. I don't know if I love them because of their association with the season or if it's just the warm, rustic tones of it, probably both huh? Take plain old orange and make it rustic and calm, coppery even, and it's such a gorgeous color. It's right around the corner, you know they'll be selling scarecrow and  fall colored silk arrangements in the stores in about a month, so here's to Fall and the orange found within! From my esteemed Polymer Cay Smooshers, here are some awesome pieces that fill the order.

 From ColtPixy is a gorgeous polymer clay bottle, the sheer size of Star's work is amazing to me, and the texture? Well you all know how I love texture and this faux cinnabar bottle rocks!
 From DanasJewelryEtc we have some more awesome awesome texture in this necklace and earring set, her polymer clay pieces are fabulous with their colors and textures but so beautiful combined with the dark green stones and cat's eye beads.
In The Forest Necklace

From Michelle at CreativeCritters, Falling Leaves earrings! Michelle has such a great shop with all her critters, but she makes some wonderful polymer clay jewelry, too!
Autumn Falling Leaves Handamde Polymer Clay earrings

Last but definitely not least, from  SassyClayCreations
, I do love this kitty, love, love, love it, but the clean and simple design of this polymer clay piece speaks to me as does the coppery color of it, and once again, you gotta love the texture, don't you?

The Polymer Clay Smooshers is an Artfire Guild that I belong to, it's full of wonderfully talented polymer clay artists and wonderful people, too!