Sunday, July 11, 2010

What I learned Last Week

OK, so the premise behind doing this post weekly was that surely I WOULD learn something new.....and I have no doubt I did, but last week was a blurr. I have done some Link Love already but started doing a couple of Link Parties last week and along the way met up with some very generous folks. Runway Crochet, who was very generous when I posted about a link party on her FB page, it was brazen of me and she was so great, thank you! She is very busy on FB and has been very active with Link Love for those of you not familiar with her. So please go check out her work!

And what was I posting so brazenly on another's FB page? A Link Party of course! Not your ordinary link party though, a brand new concept of it. Normally you wouldn't be allowed to post and link to items you are selling in a link party, but this one is specifically for your Etsy items! And it was it's virgin outing, too. This comes from Rory at Tools Are For Women Too and I understand it has been a success and will be continued weekly. You can link up to 3 items you are selling but you also have to promote it as well, so some of you may have seen it on my blog the day it started. I believe it was running thru til today so you can still get in on this week's if you like.

Obviously this was a self promotion week! I discovered kaboodle and stumbleupon, keen resources for anyone selling on Etsy, glad I discovered it fairly early. And I'm pretty steeped that I can't add items to Google shopping.

I really, really, really, meant to get outside and cleanup a strip of the yard by the street but didn't, too hot. Separated out some lovebirds that I thought were female now I think I was wrong, argh. Made spreadsheet of items I've made along with ones that have sold, for how much, and where. And did another 4 hour street show friday night. It wasn't great but I had several repeat customers which was so cool and I had several folks who were in a hurry ask if I would be back. I wasn't planning got do more of these til it cooled down but now I think it will be a good idea so I think it will. And I think being there for these will give me a priority for the organizer come cooler weather, and that will be good to have!

I'm trying to remember where the rest of the week went and it's just not there. it's like when you're driving some where and you get there, but can't recall HOW you got there? Only not so scary lol

So many things to do so little time! This week I need to make a lot of cool things, well, in the next 4 weeks I guess, but my inventory is woefully lacking at the moment and I need add more to the Etsy shop, too. I'm planning to sponsor my first giveaway on Rory's blog and I am making something new for that as well. On top of that I am working the census starting yesterday! Money is money if you know what I mean :) My time management has been getting better of late but it will be getting tested! I also need to get on the ball with some things to do with the lovebirds and help dear hubby with some of his stuff, sigh.

Oh, and I'm following 4 local polymer clay artists' blogs this week!

They belong to the Arizona Polymer Clay Guild which I cannot wait to join when I have the time, sounds like a lot of fun.

And now for a gratuitous photo, how about lovebirds this time? I wasn't planning on handraising babies for awhile but little fella got kicked out of the nest by a nervous mum, there were 2 others but I didn't get to them in time :( Pardon the poop! that's a shoulder activity pad in the background.

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  1. Beautiful bird! And how amazing of you to hand raise. We plan on getting one at some point. My family had a parakeet for years... he had a very distinct personality, I loved having him.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!