Monday, July 5, 2010

Things I learned last week!

I like this idea of a blog post, I think I'll try and do this weekly....assuming I learn something new every week, that is.

Last week was a busy one. Had my second time out selling on Friday and Saturday evenings for 4 hours each. It was a pain in the butt as I had to set up and take down both days but we are pros at that now so that is something. The event had a lot of activities and other types of vendors so unfortunately sales were terrible, hopefully I got some good word of mouth activity though from visitors and the sales I did get. So I spent all week working on things for that.

Am doing it again this Friday night, but this is like my first time out, mostly just arts and crafts vendors, hopefully the weather will be nice. And since I didn't sell very many item over the weekend, I don't have to work so hard making new thigns for this Friday...although I do need to make more things, have to get things in the Etsy shop, of course I need to take some nice pics for that. And I have a friend who will let me put a display of items in their restaurant, so need more items made definitely.

So, things I learned this week?

While I knew hand fed female lovebirds were not good mothers, I now realize they are also not comfortable in an aviary/cummunity environment, sigh.

When all the bowls are empty and you go to use a mixing bowl for your ice can be difficult to tell HOW MUCH you are putting in it :o)

I learned that when I start to look for fairs to sell at and I am actually paying a modest booth fee, I will be choosy and look for events that are geared more towards the art vendors

I learned my research was dead on for buying a canopy, I saw someone putting up a Quik Shade only to break it before even getting it up and I saw someone with a First Up who had to take the top off before folding it up. I got my Ez-up at Sam's club and while I would have liked to pay less for it we do believe it was worth it. Was $200 and came with all 4 sides and an awning, also has plates to put on feet to put your weights on. Was super easy to put up and instructions were great. We also got a First up screen surround for it although we didn't use it, but it fits and was cheap, I think $30 and I know it'll be useful.

And I learned my pasta machine thingy had a ton of clay accumulated in spots! Argh.

Thanks for reading. Here's a couple pics of my darling pooch Boozer. He was a pound puppy, found as a stray at 4 months and he's our favorite toy. Love that dog! The one on the left is from right after we got him obviously, that cute spot on his nose disappeared :( or, well, it's inside his nose now I think lol

Oh, Had to come back and add one more thing! The winners for the drawings for pendants at my booth were Cindy Selogie and Cynthia Mercier! Congratulations to both of you!

Have a great day!

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  1. Love your blog, yep you aren't very far away...stop in sometime! I love your dog, what great eyes. A little husky in there somewhere? Love the way his coloring and eyes work together. I have 4 dogs...could you tell?
    Thank you for your great comments,