Thursday, July 1, 2010

New things, and just in time, too!

Not only is the 2 day street fair starting tomorrow but my inspiration is lost! Time to recharge, seriously. Do you ever reach that point whereby you wonder that you ever created anything to begin with? I sure do and I did today, could not be happier to take a break from the clay, what perfect timing. For those that might be at the street fair this weekend, I have 4 new steampunk dragonfly pendants! And they are cool, or I think they are anyways.

I made some stuff that I think is so cool, but these pics I took VERY quickly and I don't think they look their best but here they are, what do you think?
So, Phoenix valley residents, come out and show your spirit this weekend in downtown Mesa! ...and stop by my booth of course ;) Bring your water!


  1. This is what you make when you are tired of playing with clay? Wow, what will you make when you are truly inspired? It all looks good to me except not so much the purple and black swirly marbled ones. But that is just my personal taste, they will probably be the first ones you sell. I love your dragonflies and especially like the ones in the 4th photo. Good luck at the fair! Hope you sell out the first day.

  2. lol I wish that were true! I meant that my inspirations lasted just long enough..barely long enough :o)

    I have to admit, I am amazed at the variety have been churning, there really is something for everyone. I wonder if that's bad, I know I need to find a zone for myself but I like so many things and styles. Some of the things that have sold already I thought would never sell and things I loved sold, too.

    Those purple ones remind me of the movie 'Hellraiser', anyone else feel that from them? The pics don't do them justice, they look really nice hanging.

    Dragonflies have always been a thing for me and popular with everyone, I already have requests for 2, so will be making more of those next week :)

    Thanks for the luck, I need it! I hope I don't sell out though, what will I do tomorrow and OMG next friday, too. Am already trying to figure out how many pieces I can make next week for the friday show lol OK, It would be nice to sell out, am nervous though!

  3. Super pieces! I especially am attracted to the dragonflies. Your creativity and thinking outside the box really sets your work apart. Hope that you do extremely well at the Mesa street fair and come home with pots of money.

  4. Ah, just now seeing this lol See what a bad blogger I am? Now I ahve 2, don't know how I can get content on both =( Thankyou so much Anita =)