Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kutter Home Found!

For now......all my little cutters fit in a little craft storage box! And all the Kemper sets get to sit together and I have quick access to all of them at once, I love that. And I already had it, even better! Now y'all are thinking I'm nuts having seen all my little cookie cutters but I like to use shapes, maybe I haven't used them so much thus far but I also feel like I really haven't made a substantial amount of work either =) I have a tutorial in the April issue of Polymer Cafe where you can see how I use different cookie cutters for different shapes, they're so versatile.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My First Kemper Kutters!

My arsenal of polymer clay tools is starting to grow! I found a garage sale this morning that was all crafts and it was a ton of crafts, too, let me tell you. We all do this, right? Get interested in a craft and start collecting things we KNOW we'll need for it and maybe never use 1/4 of the stuff we 'had to have.' Who among hasn't got a stash packed away and most of it still in it's package? I for one have a huge stash of cross stitch stuff I am not willing to part with, including several huge Teresa Wentzler kits that I look forward to doing one day. Anyways, there was a bucket full of polymer clay stuff with 6 new sets of Kemper Kutters!

And this totally cool set of sculpting tools made by Kens Tools. I tried to get a decent close up of these tools so you can see them. Not sure what these will do on polymer clay but I'm sure I'll love them =)

So, now, how does everyone store their Kemper Kutters?! I saw where some make a polymer clay sheet, stick the cutter in it, then bake. Any other ideas?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Looking For Some Inspiration?

Look no further because here it is!
Simply amazing and utterly inspirational. Click on the artists name to go to his website, a must to see the rest of his work and how it comes about.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year!

For the first time in a long time I find myself taking a moment to look back and to look forward, instead of sitting still. I look at the past year, at what I've accomplished and I'm amazed! This past year has been a new beginning for me. I found something I love and that I can be a part of. After realizing just how bad my circulation was and why I felt so poorly, I am now in the best physical shape of my adult life.

And I'm looking forward with new goals in mind, at what I might accomplish in the new year and it's exciting. Very soon I want to have 100 items in my darned shop lol but I'd love to get it up to 300, but not because nothing is selling lol I hope to continue to challenge myself, improve my execution, and to get farther out of the creativity box. I'd love to start working on a local presence, as well...need inventory for that!

I want to keep getting into better shape and keep feeling better.....and if I could actually slim down some, too, that would rock! I want to really start narrowing down my lovebird stock and start making some awesome pairs.

More than anything I want to stay motivated and focused, those are tough.

With this theme of a new year and new beginnings, I'd like to showcase a couple of items from my fellow Polymer Clay Smooshers who have not had a sale on yet! Hopefully They can start out the new year right and get their first sales soon. Check out their wonderful work-