Thursday, July 8, 2010

Link Party For Etsy Items?

That's right, there's a Link Party where you can link to 3 items in your Etsy Store and this is the first time for it. Since I'm the one showing you this, please take a second and look at MY ETSY Shop? I'm just starting out, brand new, it'll only take a sec, you may have friends who need what I'm making :o) Thankyou! Don't forget to Fan, Follow, and in general, Link Back.


  1. Beautiful dragonfly!! I love the steampunk look! Very, very nice work!!

    Followed you here from Cubits... even though I don't always comment, I love following along and viewing your work... please keep it up!! :-)

    ~ Lauren

  2. Hi Lauren! I remember you stopping by before, you are so sweet :) Thankyou!


  3. I love this! The colors and detail are amazing!

  4. My first time here. Totally enchanted by the dragonfly. Off to check out your etsy shop.