Saturday, February 12, 2011

I know it's been awhile, but I am working on some new things!

It's good to be getting new things done, too!  I went for a long spell where I was really not feeling well and felt lucky to not be throwing up really, not to mention a nice little bout of depression, don't we all love those? It took a while to gather my wits about me, that's why I had time to get the hubby to help me build a new work table and to get organized lol But I think I may finally be back in a groove, or I hope so anyways, I really want to start growing an inventory so I can do some of these  local street shows!

Anyways, I don't love them all, some of them I did to help try and get my creative juices flowing and I can tell they weren't quite flowing yet on those =( But then I started having fun...I like those piece MUCH more!

They aren't finished, not even remotely, they need a sealer still and some of these puppies are getting chains, beads, turned into earrings, whatever. Most of these are just new ones of what I've made time I'm hoping to have more entirely new pieces, that would rock. I gotta keep reminding myself to make new stickpins, too!

Thanks for looking and have an awesome weekend!


  1. Lynn, those are great. Since I took Christi's classes this weekend I'm gearing up to do some Steampunk too as soon as I get my other requests done. I just put a chain on my steampunk shark we made and I'm wearing him.

    Glad you are feeling better. Something is going around out here and it's nasty. Drink lots of green tea and eat dark chocolate. LOL

  2. Thankyou! You know, it's very addicting Bonnie, you won't want to make canes anymore ;P

    And Thankyou, I'm glad, too =) Dark chocolate is on my list for store BTW! And brownies, I think brownies should have their own food group.

  3. they look brilliant Lynn, you are so inventive!

  4. Belgian Chocolates sounds great. I usually get a box of Dots and a box of Good and Plenty. :0)

  5. You are so sweet Pam, thankyou =)

    lol Bonnie =)

  6. Looking good, Lynn! Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. When I was little it was always cheez-its, Seven Up, and vanilla ice cream that made me feel better... these days chocolate works just fine! ;-)

    ...Nothing like a pile of stuff in progress to get the juices flowing! I'm looking forward to seeing how these all turn out. Keep up the fantastic work!

  7. lmao Rebekah, that's a nice combination! I went through a lot of gingerale and saltines, still a lot of gingerale. Chocolate ice cream had to be chocolate lol), omg, I cannot let my self buy ice cream, it is a serious addiction!

    I agree, nothing like a nice pile of stuff to feed the creativity, that is so true!

  8. really like the corset heart !