Sunday, February 27, 2011


I know a lot of you don't follow my Facebook or Flickr and I really should make more of a point to post my new work here, gonna work on that! On that note, I wanted to show off my new fishies! I am looking forward to making lots of these, they were so much fun and are going to be so versatile =) And no, the hinges don't work lol
A steampunk piranha

 A steampunk angelfish
 Some cabochon and bead sets I made yesterday, the one with the beads has quite a few imperfections on the thinking will be a good giveaway item =) Am getting better at making beads though!
And check out these beauties I won on fellow Smoosher B-Lee Kreations Blog during her giveaway when she hit 15k visitors! She sure does some lovely work, doesn't she?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I went to look at more of your work on Flickr, and couldn't find a link on your blog (but then, I'm half asleep). I visited Artfire and FB and am so impressed! Again, huge congrats making the cover of Polymer Cafe magazine!

  2. Your steampunk fish are wonderful! I love them!


  3. You know what Marlene, I think I removed it some time ago, I'd better get that put back up! And Thankyou so much Marlene, you are such an amazing artist and I am so honored =)

    Thankyou so much Connie!

  4. I love those fish. Too cute to eat. I don't know what inspires but it's awesome. I have to have a fish. Put it on Artfire, it's mine.

  5. Thanks Kat!!

    lol Bonnie, they both sold right off the bat...must make more =) Thankyou!

  6. I adore your steampunk fishies!

  7. LOVE the fishies!

    Congratulations on being the featured artist in the April Polymer Cafe. Great article and wonderful tutorial. You made the cover too!

  8. I love your fishies! They're so cute!!

  9. Hi Janie! thankyou so much =)

    =) Thankyou so much Kim, you are so sweet!

    Pili, thankyou and welcome!