Sunday, October 31, 2010

Resistance is Futile.....

You cannot help but love polymer clay! This post is about a friend of mine who simply couldn't resist and now loves polymer clay, too. Because it's futile, this stuff rocks. And the sheer variety of things that can be made is amazing. So I'd like to showcase my friend Chris, goldfinch4 on Cubits, who thought she had enough hobbies but realized she was wrong ;P It was barely over 6 months ago that I first picked up polymer clay and started inspiring my friend and now here she is, setting out to sell her polymer clay critters! I think she is so creative and talented, hopefully I can direct some traffic to her store on Cubits, Garden Buddies where you can see all her polymer clay creations, that are lovingly named I might add. While there you might also check out her intarsia store, Timber Treasures, one of those other hobbies she has lol

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  1. Those are REALLY cute! We have been wanting to buy polymer clay for months now and have tons of projects we want to do. Problem is, I tend to forget things like that...