Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Bees and....the Butterflies?

Well, I made birds last time, right? I'd been sitting on the bee and butterfly for a bit but finally made them. I've got to admit I was iffy on the bee, but once I started working on the design, I knew it was going to be good and it is, I LOVE the bee, I hope you all do, too. I like the butterflies, too, of course :o) Also had a request for a bat that didn't turn out too bad either. I ended up wishing I'd made him a bit more somber, but he's OK.

Purple Steampunk Butterfly Pendant

 Steampunk Bee Pendant

I added dragon's eyes and wings to my listings this week for anyone looking for them. I picked up some magnetic stamps to try on polymer clay this last week. Takes me forever to get around to trying new things though, so it probably won't be anytime soon that I try them, but they look fun! Anyone who has used these please pop in tell me what you thought.