Sunday, October 10, 2010

Are You An Animal Lover, too?

I find the people I like most and click with best are animal lovers. I am always amazed to find that someone I really enjoy talking to has a household full of pets that are all awesomely taken care of, and yet I shouldn't be surprised, it happens all the time and I love that! I have about 40 lovebirds, a dog, a cat, and currently 4 baby tortoises, those are stats that have changed dramatically over the years and will change again soon, or is already changing- it is breeding season in the aviary!

Boozer, my precious pooch, has excelled in the fine art of, um, private places. It is what it is. He's an awesome dog. But I always know the animal lovers from those that aren't when they enter my home! Oh, and when someone enters and thinks it proper training behavior to bring their knee up into my dog's chest, believe me, I realize why I have never really clicked with this person. I love that darned dog so much, never thought I would love a dog so much, he is the sweetest little guy.

My cat would love to go in the aviary. Silly, silly, cat, not for the birds mind you, but to follow me lol I feel like the pied piper sometimes the way he and the dog have to follow me around. My cat, Peso, was traumatized early on by mockingbirds,  now I hate mockingbirds to the center of my being and they are not welcome! They were nesting somewhere out front and would swoop down and peck him when he would be out there. It was a really long time before he was comfortable in the front yard again. So I don't know if it was that or if it has to do with him being a boy (female cats are always the serious hunters), but he is not into the lovebirds. I've had a baby land right in front of his face before, woke him up and boy did he give me a nasty look! This summer I had a family of towhees in the backyard...he'd be sleeping between the aviary and a large cage of birds off to the side, and the 3 towhees would be pecking the ground right in front of him...he'd eventually get up because they were noisy and interrupting his naptime....I love that cat.

Back to polymer clay! If you've been following me, you may know I don't really make a whole lot of stuff that is realistic. Making things that are not real gives me a whole lot of lee way, let me tell you. So I am in awe of those that have the skill to sculpt realistically, it's an amazing talent! So I will showcase some of these talents from the Polymer Clay Smooshers this week, I hope you enjoy them!

From Blue Jane, Fantasy Art by Jane Priser
I think this is so cool, the eyes really make it, but I love the whole effect.

From Tamed...creations by D. Lovegrove
This is so cute! Reminds me of that commercial where the bunny is laughing at the rattlesnake, I swear this bunny is laughing!

From Creative Critters
These are amazing. Such an amazing and awesome talent.

From Dana's Jewelry and Etc.
OK, I had to throw this in, I just think he's so cute, a polymer clay sock monkey, that's awesome!

Have an awesome day!


  1. I am without a dog for the first time in my life, but have a sweet cat, guinea pigs, fish and Lara has a hamster and rat, I love animals too feed the birds outdoors too.
    That cat head is has amazing eyes wow! The bunny is so cute and the mouse there is so much talent about isn't there!

  2. Boy, no dog? After having my Boozer, I don't imagine myself without a dog, I sure hope he is with us a very long time, he will be impossible to replace. Oh, I forgot, we have a very fat goldfish, we call him Bullet lol cause he's so fast ;P Lady we got our torts from had a rat, it was so funny, sat there in the same spot waiting until she finally realized and gave him his treat. Animals have so much personality!

  3. I wouldn't say I'm an animal lover.. with 6 kids the two legged kind running amuck were enough for me. Yet we added a poodle last year to our household, one of those "We'll take care of him REALLY mom" things that soon became mine... and now he's the best behaved child I have!! lol

    and I agree that bunny IS laughing!

  4. We have a LOT in common!
    I have 2 dogs, George a 10 year old great dane my veterinarian got me to adopt when he was only 2½ weeks old and Reba a 7 year old bloodhound/lab mix. There are also 4 cats and a cockatiel who turned 22 years old in August.

  5. I love my dogs, wouldn't take anything for them. I have a momma chihuahua and her 4 pups. I had the dad and their 4 boys but just recently lost them to some kind of virus. Still miss them so much. We also have 2 Leopard Gecko's and a African Fat-Tail Gecko. There is nothing like the unconditional love that a pet gives you. I also want to thank you for including my sock monkey in your blog. =}

  6. lol Bonnie, I'm so glad your little ones are good cons ;P

    Oh Star, did you get to handfeed the puppy yourself, that would be amazing! Great danes are such amazing dogs, they have a way about them, don't they? I don't know how old cockatiels get but that seems old, must be in excellent health! Aren't cats great, I love them.

    OMG Dana, am so sorry to hear that, it must've been heartbreaking :( Oh, we used to have a bunch or iguanas, we love lizards, pretty much just enjoy the hundreds outside these days does the dog, that's his fetish, lizards. And I love your sock monkey, he is so cute!

  7. Yep, had to bottle feed him dog formula with a gerber baby bottle. He has always been my baby even though now he weighs around 220 pounds. LOL!

    Cockatiels normally live 20 to 25 years. I hope he breaks that record. He has been with me since he was a baby. I'm lucky, he has always been very healthy. Like the 4 legged ones around here he is also completely spoiled rotten. :)

    I also have 5 fresh water aquariums. I have corydoras that are around 7 yrs old and some kuhli loaches that are around 5 yrs old.

  8. OMG kuhli's have always been some of our favorites! We used to do a lot of community aquariums, and really, I love all the loaches, they are such characters. We had dojo loaches in our ponds for years until we went for awhile without ponds and had to find a home for the only one left, he was HUGE!

    I would love to handfeed a puppy, I love puppies so much, handfeeding birds is not the same lol

    Wow CT's live a long time, I hope he outlives that, too! Yep, we spoil ours, too, just love taking care of them :o)

  9. Im not really an animal person, mainly cos Im allergic, but I love polymer clay animals!

  10. Great post! I agree you can tell a lot about someones character by their attitude to animals, and well, you can tell I love them, so I instantly like you. lol!!
    Thanks for including my bunny!

  11. @Haffina, that is terrible, I would hate it so much if I were allergic :(

    lol Dee! So would you agree your bunny is laughing?

  12. Four cats, a bunny and a guinea pig (that changes sometimes because we help out at our local zoo, we've had a prairie dog, quails, bunnies, guinea pigs (some of them bottle-raised) and more gerbils than we count. They are all crazy.

    Great post, great choices!

  13. OMG It's folks like make me so jealous! I wish like heck we lived on a horse property and had more room. Helping out at the zoo must be rewarding. A prairie dog?

  14. I was raised by my grandma, at one point in time there were 27 stray dogs and 14 stray cats, that's without counting the chickens, pigs, guineas and everything else that she found in the street that needed a home. In the house there was only 1 dog, that was the baby that slept in between my grandpa and grandma. Now in front of my grandparents house there was an old house that belonged to my great grandmother, this was the boarding house and hospital for all these animals. My grandmother would cure them, cook big pots of food to feed them and baby them all. She was caring, warm, willing to help everyone who needed it with no questions asked. I so miss her and this blog reminded me of her. The wide variety of animals in one place, I know that the cats would love to go in that aviary... I know my cat would!!!

  15. What a great post! We adore our two dachshund girls! I love the polymer clay pieces you selected for your post.

  16. @Dulce, wow, she sounds like she was an amazing woman, I'm so glad this post was able to spark such wonderful memories. I grew up in the country and while I didn't have what you had, I do miss being able to have all that life around me.

    Thanks Valerie, they're wonderful aren't they?!

  17. Nice post! I too have dogs (3). I also have had I am both a lover of dogs and cats! Wow, Dulce, your grandma was really something! Nice collection of animals Desert Rubble!