Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wordpress on a hosted site....

Hubby and I have a couple of websites we registered last year for safe keeping, one is his landscape and pool service company, The Plant Managers,  here in Mesa, Az, one for Desert Rubble of course, and one for my lovebird breeding. Pretty much that was all we did last year, got them registered. This year I decided it was time to at least secure hosting so we could something with them, so we did and I decided to go with GoDaddy. Their deluxe hosting can be used on all the websites you have registered with them and when you pay for a longer term than a year, our hosting works out to $5 a month, getting 3 websites hosted. I'm thinking that's a pretty good deal.

But the whole process has been an ordeal and it's only been about a day and a half so far. From getting the old economy hosting off the websites and adding the real hosting, figuring out what password to use where, just figuring out how to get around and find what I need in all the multutudes of places there are that you can end up. Seems there are way too many menus all spread out and too many passwords for this that and the other, and the user name is never what you thought it was when you set it up!

This is all so not for the faint of heart. Or maybe it's just GoDaddy that isn't for the faint of heart? And I still am not getting to my wordpress admin page, sigh. I have a feeling once I get there it will start to all go downhill, I mean it's wordpress, right, it must be somewhat similar to the wordpress hosted free blogs, it has to be. And then there's the waiting anytime you made a change. Right now I'm waiting.....I had the primary site forwarded and I guess that was preventing me from getting to my wordpress admin page, I changed that, now I wait.

Wish me luck!

Obligatory photo......

Steampunk Charm in Polymer Clay w/Watch Gear in Metallic Gold, Silver


  1. Lynn, I got a headache just reading all that. Hope everything works out for you. My computer got a virus Sunday and it's still not acting right.
    Love your charm.

  2. Oh, sorry to hear that Bonnie! Thanks for the good wishes, I need them!

  3. Best of luck with the website making, you are braver than I am!

  4. =) Thanks Pili, starting feel crazy though lol Managed to type in the wrong redirect and lost hubbys site entirely then edited the database all by my little self in order to get it back on the right url, sigh, it's nuts. Made him a pretty new banner today though!