Saturday, January 29, 2011

My First Kemper Kutters!

My arsenal of polymer clay tools is starting to grow! I found a garage sale this morning that was all crafts and it was a ton of crafts, too, let me tell you. We all do this, right? Get interested in a craft and start collecting things we KNOW we'll need for it and maybe never use 1/4 of the stuff we 'had to have.' Who among hasn't got a stash packed away and most of it still in it's package? I for one have a huge stash of cross stitch stuff I am not willing to part with, including several huge Teresa Wentzler kits that I look forward to doing one day. Anyways, there was a bucket full of polymer clay stuff with 6 new sets of Kemper Kutters!

And this totally cool set of sculpting tools made by Kens Tools. I tried to get a decent close up of these tools so you can see them. Not sure what these will do on polymer clay but I'm sure I'll love them =)

So, now, how does everyone store their Kemper Kutters?! I saw where some make a polymer clay sheet, stick the cutter in it, then bake. Any other ideas?


  1. Lynn, I bought a photo storage box at Costco that has 12 little plastic storage containers in it. I now have 4 actually. I keep all my cutters in there plus lots of other stuff. I used a Dymo labeler to label each container so I can mix them around. I'll put it on my blog when I get a chance. Lucky girl to find Kemper cutters.

  2. Thanks Bonnie! I'm looking forward to your post so I can see a pic =) Are they sleeves?

  3. lol not nuts at all, I have a growing collection of cutters, it's hard finding them the size !! need so I end up buying sets that overlap! I really need to find some heart shapes.
    I like the box, good idea, mine are all in plastic bags.

  4. Michaels or JoAnn's Fabrics sell the see through plastic photo boxes in two sizes. I use the 5x7 for tools and the 4x6 for cutters, texture plates, molds, etc. Great for organizing workshop or class materials. I even keep my alcohol inks in one.