Thursday, March 25, 2010

The not so frequent blogger...

OK, at one time I started this then realized for what I was doing at the time, Wordpress was better for me, so I left this and did Boozer's World over at wordpress, mainly for my lovebirds but for other things, too. A bit about me, I used to design and make painted woodcrafts, I love my scroll saw! I am currently breeding lovebirds and am working to produce some wonderful birds, I also love lovebirds :o) There's not a whole lot else to tell, married, no kids, never really had a lifelong dream of any kind, I think that's weird, everyone should have dreams. Am an information hound! So new hobbies are dangerous for me lol

Now I've started a group of crafting forums at and while I've been wanting to try polymer clay for sooo long, I held off, but I can stands it no longer! See, the problem is that when I do something, I get a tad bit obsessive about it, I've had 20 or so books out from the library in the past 2 weeks and I already have (among other things, like dental tools, a roller, and a new exacto knife) pearl ex powders, metallic wax, a clay extruder, and a pasta machine (a cheap one) and I haven't even cracked open my Kato polyclay yet! Oh, and clear liquid polyclay is on it's way :)

I've been sculking on no less than 100 polymer clay blogs, sites, forums, and storefronts. I feel like I have found a polymer caly underworld...I always thought it would be a fun craft but mostly what I had seen of it had to do with floral canes and modeling cute critters. Then I found Chris Kapono's clay art.....LOVE IT! Then Christi Friesen and I found steampunk for the first time...another thing to Google, sigh.

I left Christi's site thinking I was totally in love with steampunk....what I soon found was that I am not nearly as in love as I thought....her work seems to have a balance to it that I wasn't really seeing in a lot of the steampunk art that's out there. There are some basic concepts in decorating that you must adhere to if you want a coherent space and a large part of that is groupings coupled with space, the basis being that without the space you don't really see what's in the group. I think that's something you have to apply to art as well or it's just a jumble...unless you're after a jumble of course :) I like balance myself and I think most people do, too, they just don't realize that's what makes something more appealing over something else.

I cannot tell you how many times I've gone over all of Chris Kapono's work lol If either of those two saw their traffic numbers, they probably thought someone was stalking them. Chris's work has an organicness (is that a word?) about it and I love how she uses the gems and clay both as embellishments. And the use of powders and the metallic wax on black clay, That total end result is something else and I am utterly inspired.

I  love all the embellishments!  This stuff rocks, it is is all so new to me and it's awesome. What I want to do now is to take away what I find inspiring from these 2 artists and combine them to make something unique and mine. And other artists, too, of course, these were hardly the only 2 sites I visited.

I'm also reinspired to work on a clay model that's been sitting for....oh......too long? It's a dragonfly and the end goal is a concrete mold for garden'll be taking on a whole new look now, thankfully! I think I stopped because I knew I wanted it to be awesome and I just thought I was going nowhere with it. I do believe there will be a steampunk influence with it, not just because I'm inspired by the art, but I'm inspired by the clay. This is a very different clay of course but I had no idea what I could do with it!

On that note...I'll be thinking of a new name for this blog....Crap, can I rename it? I may have to get another one because I will think of a clever name and this is not it. Anyone who happens to actually sit and read this, please take a sec and go to A Crafty Cubit, my new crafting forums, they are woefully in need of crafters!



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