Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Industrial Steampunk Surrealism?

Is there such a thing? I've pondered just exactly what to call my style before, it's clearly a melding of styles, a hint of steampunk, a dash of industrial, and just enough reality for good measure, does that make it surreal or a cyborg? Wouldn't it be cool to come up with a unique name? Either way, it is clearly unique and surprising and I have to admit I am having fun!
Steampunk Crow Pendant
 The background of steampunk is that it evolved out of cyberpunk in 1970's literature then moved onto everything from art to jewelry to film, to a whole subculture that exists today. The basic theme of steampunk is of an alternate time line that split off (and pretty stuck in)  the late Victorian period/early 1900's. This alternate time line is very much based on the steam engine and early flight but invention was rampant! So you have Victorian era clothing with a sense of aviator style and some pretty awesome sci-fi for good measure.
Steampunk Butterfly Pendant

Steampunk inventions are generally entirely mechanical, not organic in any way. You might imagine that most steampunk paraphernalia are fairly vacant of vibrant color. There is a clear difference between what I'm making and the traditional steampunk aesthetic so I've been sitting back waiting to be called out by some serious steampunkers about me calling my stuff steampunk, and I couldn't argue with them.

Steampunk Hummingbird Pendant
Recently I had my first Daily Deviation on DeviantArt and was able to interact with a lot of folks about my pieces. One comment was that it looked more like a "mechanical creature rather than a creature made of mechanics". Yes! That's the advantage of working with polymer clay,  I do get to add a sense of reality to it. It's not all mechanics. Another realization is that's why I get to add color and it works, because that piece of a real critter is there.
Steampunk Gingerbread Dude

I got  a lot of comments about how they had never thought those colors belonged or would work in steampunk but it worked with mine. Hundreds of comments, not a single call out, I thought that rocked! One of the big Steampunk Facebook pages even posted my shop to their wall. It was like a stamp of approval that what I was doing was OK with the steampunkers, what a relief!

So someone may come along at some point and try to put a name to what I'm doing, and that's fine, I'll call it what ever I want though, and I'm gonna roll with it!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Setting a mood, is it the colors and textures?

Over time do you start to notice the things you love are similar in certain ways. Similar tones or hues, similar textures. I think from childhood we all start associating certain sounds, smells and even colors and textures to a setting or mood. I'm sure if we were hard pressed (and had awesome memories!) we could probably trace those leaning back to events in our lives. So then we tend toward objects that make us feel good, that somewhere inside us remind of something that felt good.

I spent a ton of time in the woods as a kid, I loved those darned woods, they were an escape maybe, solace. I know a lot of the things that I really love are earthy and organic in appearance and that makes sense tome. That seems strange since the polymer clay pieces I am making are not lol but it's true!

Oh but I also love a good historical romance! And they do know how to set a mood don't they? So you take some antiquey things, maybe something lacey, some warm colors, and voila, historical romance setting complete! I was going thru some of my fellow Polymer Clay Smooshers Artfire Studios recently looking for items to showcase for Christmas Gifts and found some things that struck me as romantic. The colors, the textures, to me, they feel romantic!

I try to add awesome color and texture to my own polyer clay work and I try to seek it out in my life as well, I hope you do the same!



Monday, November 8, 2010

Make Your Christmas Special this year with One of a Kind Gifts!

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,
Jack Frost nipping on your nose,
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir,
And folks dressed up like Eskimos. 

Oh, you do that stuff every year! Make this Christmas memorable and make gift giving special this year, give gifts made by the hands of a talented artisan. Who doesn't love a unique gift and who doesn't love giving one? So shop handmade this year and support a craftsperson =)

To help in that endeavor, the Polymer Clay Smooshers will be hosting a scavenger hunt on Artfire next week! You can keep an eye out for details of the scavenger hunt on the PCS blog  where you'll also find a list of perticiapating shops and see what prizes will be offered!

 A teaser of what you'll get to see during the scavenger hunt....here are a few wonderful gift items available from some of the Polymer Clay Smooshers....

And something from me
Give the gift of handcrafted this Christmas, and make it memorable!